NORAD 3000 – Radon Measurement Professional Initial Training

16 Credit Hour prerequisite course to take the NRPP Exam to become a Certified Radon Measurement Professional. Its objective is to provide the students with the knowledge needed to pass the exam and to provide them with the necessary knowledge to perform tests in a proficient and professional manner, inform the public about the dangers posed by radon and the remedies available to them as well as the professional code of ethics for professionals certified by NRPP.

Course Information



NRPP Domain 1 – Communicate Basic Radon Science (18%) 

NRPP Domain 2 – Conduct and Validate Measurement Data  (25%) 

NRPP Domain 3 – Report Findings and Make Interpretations (21%)

NRPP Domain 4 – Manage QA/QC Programs (19%)

NRPP Domain 5 – Oversee and Train Measurement Techs (17%)

Overview of Radon Remediation Systems

Course Final Exam (1.0 hr.) 

Course Evaluation and Certificate