NORAD 5001 – Radon Measurement Professional Review Course

16 CE Hours

Course Information



16 Credit Hour Continuing Education (C.E.) review course approved by NRPP.  Its objective is to provide currently certified Radon Measurement Professional a through review of the ANSI/AARST MAH 2019 and MS-QA 2019 Standards currently required by NRPP and update Certified Radon Measurement Professionals who may have been certified prior to the implementation of the new requirements and/or need a review of them.

NRPP Domain 1 – Communicate Basic Radon Science (18%) 

NRPP Domain 2 – Conduct and Validate Measurement Data  (25%) 

NRPP Domain 3 – Report Findings and Make Interpretations (21%)

NRPP Domain 4 – Manage QA/QC Programs (19%)

NRPP Domain 5 – Oversee and Train Measurement Techs (17%)

Overview of Radon Remediation Systems

Course Final Exam (1.0 hr.) 

Course Evaluation and Certificate