NRPP Certification Radon Measurement Professional Entry Level Training Course

16 Credit Hour prerequisite course to take the NRPP Exam to become a Certified Radon Measurement Professional. Its objective is to provide the students with the knowledge needed to pass the exam and to provide them with the necessary knowledge to perform tests in a proficient and professional manner, inform the public about the dangers posed by radon and the remedies available to them as well as the professional code of ethics for professionals certified by NRPP.

Course Information



Section 1 – Introduction (1 hr.)

Section 2 – Radon and Radioactivity (2 hrs.)

Section 3 – Radon and Lung Cancer (2 hrs.)

Section 4 – Radon in Homes (2 hrs)

Section 5 – Measuring Radon (2 hrs.) 

Section 6 – Quality Control and Quality Assurance (1.5 hrs.)

Section 7 – Interpreting the Results of a Radon Test (1.5 hrs)

Section 8 – Radon Remediation Systems (1.5 hrs.)

Section 9 – Radon in Water (1.0 hrs)

Section 10 – Professional Practices:  Standards and Ethics (1.0 hrs.) 

Section 11 – Occupational Health and Safety for Radon Measurement Professionals

Section 12 – Becoming a NRPP Listed Radon Measurement Technician (0.5 hrs.)

Section 13 – Final Exam (1.0 hr.) 

Section 14 – Course Evaluation and Certificate